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    奧斯芭水溶啫喱面霜 OspaS Water Shield Thalssso Hydro Film 60ml 嶄新水溶精華技術 能迅速補充皮膚所流失的水分並將水分鎖住於肌膚內層 於表皮形成輕柔而高級的保護膜,令皮膚迅速回復柔滑. 啫喱般保護膜能夠保護皮膚一整天. 防止皮膚水份因為乾風,陽光及寒冷等外圍環境所傷害易流失.用後肌膚的水份滋潤. 皮膚即時回覆軟骨感覺. 注意:切勿接觸眼部與敏感請立即停止使用 AA light, highly protective gel forms a Hydro Film on the skin and provides intense day long protection against dehydration from environmental aggressions ; such as wind, sun and cold. Leaving skindeeply moisturized. smooth and silky Applications: Spread a small amount onto the face, gently message in circular motions at the same spot until the gel becomes liquid, then massage to the whole face. Caution: Avoid contact the eye area. Ref: 2715 60ml

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